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Palladium Fantasy Artwork

Various commissions for the gaming group of "A God. . . REBUILT" on

Brian fields crisis current 2016 nochart

Current CrIsis group shot

Brian fields raulf v4

Lord Raulf - Wolfen Knight - MY FIRST DIGITAL PIECE.

Brian fields bexx inktober 2015

Bexx - Inktober 2015

Brian fields bexx pa109 2015

Bexx - Color

Brian fields caminata then now

Caminata - Older pic is on the left and the updated one on the right.

Brian fields chip v2

Chip - with Power Trident and in flight via spell magic

Brian fields chip fantasy

I was transferring him to a fantasy world and this was that line-art make up.

Brian fields grignak

Grignak - A Troll Slave and Gladiator

Brian fields hannah color

Hannah the Silver Bell fairy on a Minotaur horn.

Brian fields hannah paladin v1

Hannah the Silver Bell fairy Paladin on her mount, Silky.
Inktober - 2015

Brian fields father indaris by az rune

Indaris - Priest of Isis

Brian fields ja deir sketch no armor v7 final

Ja'Deir - Flying Squirrel Psionic

Brian fields mack final

Mack - Ghostslayer, Undead Hunter, Blood Hunter

Brian fields no name dread knight scene

The Man with No Name - A Dread Knight

Brian fields rooster color final

Rooster - Human Bard and Song Mage

Brian fields ursus arctos dual form v7t

URSUS - A Wearbear in #Hooman and Bear form.

Brian fields xerx ses the immortal jpg

Xerx'ses - Sorcerer after getting the Epic Boon of Immortality. 11ft 3in tall.

Brian fields callandor level up boomer


Brian fields cheekyfn pirate dog boy feral mechanic final bg

My first Rifts DogBoy O.C.C. fanart based on the Rifts PRG by Palladium Books.